Is A Chupacabra Kosher?

I was raised Catholic and my wife is Jewish. Whenever we get together with my in-laws for the holidays, I'm always a bit confused in regard to what makes an animal kosher or not.

Ann & Jeff Vandermeer ponder this same question in The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals. Ann asked me if I could write a song about it. This is what I came up with.

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Is A Chupacabra Kosher
by John Anealio

Is a Sasquatch Kosher?
Could it be served like tenderloin?
Could you eat it with some chocolate coins?
Is a Sasquatch Kosher?
Do you think it tastes like beef?
Would its hair get caught between your teeth?

Is a Chupacabra Kosher?
How come all these goats are dead?
Could you eat it with some challah bread?
Is a Chupacabra Kosher?
Or do you think that its unclean?
I guess I'll settle for some rice and beans.

So how can you tell if an animal is Kosher or unclean?
The Torah gives a list of simple rules
Never eat a bird of prey or any creeping thing
But it's okay if it has cloven hooves

Is an Ouroboros Kosher?
Its a great big giant snake.
Could you eat it with some potato pancakes?
Is an Ouroboros Kosher?
I don't think that it's the case?
To eat it would surely be a big mistake.

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