Seasons Geekings: A Holiday E.P.

Here is a little collection of my Geeky Winter & Holiday songs for you.

The Seasons Geekings E.P. is a pay what you want release. If you're broke, you can still get it for free. Just click the Buy button on the player above and enter 0. More than anything, I want you to enjoy my music, even if you can't pay. If you can, by all means, throw me a few bucks. :-)

You can also click here for the download:

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I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio
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  1. John,

    Totally love it. Posted it to the blog.

    Gotta love a man who respects Batman and Christmas.

  2. Fab. I had to post this to my FB. Would love to give you a shout out on my blog, too. :)

    Thanks for sharing your music.