The Triceratops Song: Crowd Sourced Song Project, Day 3

If you are just checking in, click here to read about this week's Crowd Sourced Songwriting Project.

There were lots of great suggestions for topics to write about this week, but the clear winner was this week's story about the Triceratops being reclassified as a juvenile version of a Torosaurus. The name Triceratops will remain but this story has provoked a response that was similar to the reaction to Pluto being declassified as a planet a few years ago.

Click here to read an excellent article on the subject by Matt Stags: Suvudu Triceratops Post

So far, I've come up with music and lyrics for the chorus and break of the song. Take a listen to the MP3 at the top of the page. Here are the lyrics.

The Triceratops Song

My favorite dinosaur is a Triceratops
and now it is now more
it's just a younger version of a Torosaur
it's not a different species.

But at least they're keeping the name
But to me it's just not the same
I hope they don't take my Pterodactyl away

Now we need to come up with verses. I'll handle the music part of it, but I'd love some help on they lyrics. A couple of things, please be aware of meter and rhyme. Some sort of a,b,a,b or a,a,b,b form usually works the best.

In terms of lyrical content, perhaps we can write about our experiences going to museums, playing with toy dinosaurs, fictional pterodactyls like Slag from the Transformers; let you imagination run wild.

You can submit your ideas in the comments sections of this post, to my e-mail, or tweet it to me with the hashtag #SciFiSong.

Looking forward to seeing what we come up with,
John Anealio
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1 comment:

  1. (Feel free to edit for brevity/rhythm/scientific accuracy)

    well I know that it's just science
    self-correcting for the things it overlooks
    sometimes reclassifies these prehistoric giants
    and the names of all the dinos in your coloring books

    the tyrannosaur stays regal
    and velociraptors steal all the good press
    but their forearms are quite feeble
    and neither holds a candle to the dino I love best

    I got over Brontosaurus
    but I'm not ready to go through that again
    so raise your voice and join my chorus
    we'll gather at the pub and sing a farewell requiem
    to my favorite dinosaur…(etc.)