Crowd Sourced Song Project, Day 2

If you are just arriving, click here to read about this week's Crowd Sourced Songwriting Project.

We need to decide on a topic for our song today. Here are some of the interesting suggestions that you've contributed so far:

  1. Def Con 18: The Hackers Conference
  2. The Cooling System problem on The International Space Station
  3. Mars Getting Closer to Earth
  4. iPhone 4 is Jailbroken
  5. Navy Works to Laser-Proof Its Drones
  6. Geek-A-Week Trading Card
  7. Paranormal Romance
  8. Triceratops "Never Really Existed"
Any of these topics can inspire a great song. Here's what I need you to do today;
  • Suggest another topic from your Geeky or Sci-Fi blogs, or
  • Vote on one of these 5 stories
Once again, you can suggest a topic or vote on one of the existing ones by posting in the comments section of this post, e-mailing me at or Tweeting me with the hashtag #SciFiSong.

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed,
John Anealio

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  1. I'm sorry to see my suggestion, "A song about Len Peralta's Geek-A-Week card set," didn't make the cut of interesting suggestions.

    I thought the connection between writing this song in a week and Jonathan Coulton's (the King of Geek Songwriters) Thing-A-Week Project is pretty strong. Plus, Len built a name for himself illustrating the Thing-A-Week. Coulton is the #1 Geek-A-Week Card. Wil Wheaton is #14. And there are two MST3K cards! It would be easy to write a Geek-A-Week chorus and have verses or lines in verses be about the already immortalized Geeks in the Card set.

    A little cross-promotion between Geek-A-Week and Sci Fi Songs couldn't hurt either. And who knows John, you might make it onto your very own trading card.

    I'm still voting for this idea.

  2. Of the above ideas, I vote for the iPhone Jailbreak. But then, I would.

    As to a new topic, I suggest the whole Triceratops never existed issue.

    I suspect that will have some legs.

  3. Triceratops is fine. Torosaurus is the one getting phased out.

    The Geek-a-Week idea is interesting, but I suspect it'd end up sounding like JoCo's "Flickr."

    I'm sticking with the Neil Tyson "Mars Approach Virus" idea. You get planetary physics AND the internets.

  4. I'm partial to the Paranormal Romance topic, myself.

    Oh--I finally got a chance to sit down with your CD and I gotta tell you, my childhood Millennium Falcon experience was almost identical! Great work on there!

  5. Thanks Don. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it!