Update! The Triceratops Song Version 2.0

We now have some verses! The fabulous Z. of Hipster Please and Wired Magazine's GeekDad Hiptrax sent me these verse lyrics earlier today. I bashed out the melody this afternoon and I'm really happy with the way it is all fitting together so far. I'd be happy to put out the finished song as it is right now.

If you'd still like to bring something to the party, it is not too late! Take a listen to the verse structure of Z.'s lyrics and feel free to write additional lyrics or a completely different set of lyrics that fit this melody and rhyme scheme.

Here are the current set of lyrics:

The Triceratops Song

I can't believe the things they say, I don't want you to go /
I'll hold my tri-horned memories because my heart says so.
Won't listen to the awful things they're sayin' on the news /
Cause you're my favorite dinosaur, and I won't be refused.

My favorite Dinosaur is a Triceratops
and now it is no more
it's just a younger version of a Torosaur
It's not a separate species

Images in school books and the sheets upon my bed /
Your orange beak on my t-shirt, an image in my head.
Finger-painted pictures of you charging through the mire /
And me atop your saddle as the mountains utter fire.

At least they're keeping the name
But to me its just not the same
I hope they don't take my Pterodactyl away

Once again, you can contribute your lyrical suggestions in the comments of this post, send them to my e-mail 27summers@gmail.com, or tweet them to me with the hashtag #SciFiSong.

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  1. Due to time constraints, I can only contribute half a verse:

    Baby Bop, Barney's little friend, is always only three.
    She won't grow up, it's a coverup, of her blighted pedigree.

  2. Curse you triceratops for fooling me all these years! Good song.