Sci-Fi Song #24: Batman Smells (A Rebuttal)

Do Batman & Robin get depressed at Christmas time? I wonder ...

Batman Smells (A Rebuttal)
by John Anealio

It's Christmas Eve at the Hall of Justice
and Aquaman is wearing a Santa cap
Superman is mixing up the egg nog
and Wonder Woman is sitting on his lap

The Hawk Man is putting the star on the tree
The Boy Wonder seems to be out of town
The Green Arrow is hanging the stockings
The Caped Crusader is nowhere to be found

Cause every year some children ruin Jingle Bells
By incorrectly proclaiming that Batman Smells

But I don't think that Batman smells
When he rings his bat jingle bells
and I don't think that Robin laid an egg

Yeah I don't think that Batman smells
if he did, how could you tell?
I just know that the Joker got away

The Martian ManHunter said they should search for them
Don't they know that song is just a joke
The Flash found them hanging out at a hotel bar
They were drunk on whiskey and diet coke

The Green Lantern comes and aims his power ring
creates a Green Guitar and then begins to sing


I hope you enjoy it,

John Anealio

Here is another Christmas song that you may enjoy

The Millennium Falcon for Christmas

Here are some of the tools that I used to record the song:

1. Yamaha FPX-300 Acoustic Guitar with a capo at the second fret
2. Washburn Electric Bass
3. Rode NT-3 microphone
4. Apple Logic Pro 8 recording software
a. Logic's included compressor and reverb plug-ins
b. The EXS24 sampler for the piano sound
c. Some of Logic's "shuffle" drum loops
d. Sculpture for the bell sound
e. The ESP software synthesizer


  1. Heard this again on the GeekDad 'cast. It maintains its awesome quotient pretty well.

  2. Thanks Church. I really enjoyed hearing Ken and Z. talk about the song on the GeekDad podcast.

  3. HI,
    I like this song ..Really very funny.. Thanks for sharing this awesome song..