Genre Break Song #3: Kathy's Kalifornia

A few years ago, before I got into the lucrative world of writing songs about science fiction and fantasy novels, I released a fairly straight ahead singer/songwriter CD. In the time between that CD release and the start of Sci-Fi Songs, I composed a number of songs that have never seen the light of day.

Just as it is healthy to read books outside of the sci-fi/fantasy niche, I thought that it would be interesting to feature a song that isn't based on a speculative fiction novel once in a while. The first song in the Genre Break series was San Luis Obispo and you can download that for free right here .

While in my mid twenties, I spent a summer "finding myself" by driving up and down the coast of California. I had a great time residing in the youth hostels of San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. For a guy who had never left the confines of New Jersey, this was a life changing experience. "Kathy's Kalifornia" was inspired by some of my experiences in San Francisco. One day, I'll put a few of the songs from this period together and release a "California" EP.

The recording of "Kathy's Kalifornia" was done rather quickly a few years ago for a songwriting contest. This was a one take performance where I recorded my acoustic guitar (in DADGAD tuning) and voice at the same time. I'd still like to do a better recording of this someday, but I feel like this is a good representation of how I used to perform the song live in the coffee shops of New Jersey.

Hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio

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Kathy's Kalifornia
by John Anealio

The crucifix is dangling from her gold chain
Its June 26th, her birthday. She's on her way.
She served her time at St. Marys with Sister Bernadette
She's had her fill of New Jersey and the Old Testament

Now San Francisco calls her name.

Get out of her way its Kathy's Kalifornia now.
Its Kathy's Kalifornia now.

Get out of her way its Kathy's Kalifornia now.
Its Kathy's Kalifornia now.

She cables down the hill sets up her easel and starts to paint
a landscape of St. Paul and Peter and the Golden Gate.

No gallery will show her work


I heard she's waiting tables at some bar on Market Street
and memories of New Jersey suddenly seem bittersweet.
She believes that she can make it if she sticks it out.
But its been a year of loneliness, frustration, and doubt.


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  1. I remember San Luis Obispo...

    Wonderful song.