Are You Going To Balticon?

This weekend (May 25th-May 28th) I'll be appearing at Balticon, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention.  I'll be performing a concert, guesting on a live podcast and speaking on several panels.  If you live in the area or you're going to be at the con, please come and say hi!  
Here's my schedule:

Podcast Editing
Saturday at 9:00 am in Chesapeake
Learning to properly edit a podcast so you don't sound like a home studio. The basics of audio editing for a podcast that you should know.
Moderator: John Anealio
Speakers: Michael L. Stokes; John Mierau; Paul Elard Cooley; Tim Dodge

Websites for Authors -- Taking your brand and owning your site.
Saturday at 10:00 am in Derby
Panelists discuss what attracts readers, gets purchases, and increases viewer interaction on author web sites.
Moderator: John Mierau
Speakers: Nathan O. Lowell; John Anealio; Robin Sullivan; B. Pine; Allison D. Duncan (SVallie)

I Should Be Writing Live!
Saturday at 6:00 pm in Derby
Join the live audience with Mur Lafferty as she hosts her popular podcast, I Should Be Writing. Featuring debut author Myke Cole as her loyal sidekick, Mur will talk writing, craft, and fears.
Moderator: Mur Lafferty
Speakers: John Anealio; Myke Cole

Live Concert with John Anealio & Jonah Knight!
Saturday at 8:00 pm in Garden
Paranormal/Steampunk Songwriter Jonah Knight & Sci-Fi Songwriter John Anealio will perform a split bill concert.

Marketing Strategy 101 for New Media -- Finding Your Audience
Sunday at 10:00 am in Derby
How do podcasters, bloggers, e-book authors, and e-zine publishers find audiences online? How do readers and listeners find them? With so many channels and so many people clamoring for attention, how do you find your niche -- and how do they find you?
Moderator: Nathan O. Lowell
Speakers: John Anealio; Helen (Cynical Woman) Madden

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