Top 5: King's X, Al Di Meola, & More!

King's X
  • King's X is one of those groups that should have been huge but never achieved more than modest notoriety. Combining soulful lead vocals, Beatles-esque vocal harmonies, and heavy guitar riffs; they possess just about everything that I love about rock music. I just picked up 1996's Ear Candy from eMusic.
Ty Tabor
  • Besides being a formidable picker, King's X guitarist Ty Tabor possesses a beautiful voice that is redolent of John Lennon. Having to share singing duties with a vocalist as gifted as Doug Pinnick probably led Ty Tabor to record several solo albums. I've been digging his Rock Garden CD this week. Speaking of Doug Pinnick ...
The Mob
  • I picked up this Doug Pinnick fronted side project from eMusic a few months ago. In addition to the King's X bassist, it features Night Ranger drummer/singer Kelly Keagy, and Winger guitarist Reb Beach. Yes, I like Winger. Please don't make fun of me.
Al Di Meola
  • I owned the cassette of Di Meola's Elegant Gypsy album as a teenager. I remember rewinding the solo on Flight Over Rio in an attempt to learn how to play it. I got the first few phrases and than he just starts shredding. I picked this up on eMusic last week and it really holds up. To my ears, it doesn't sound dated at all. Now the album cover is a different story (check it out above).
The Dixie Dregs
  • Getting into Di Meola this week led me to dig out some favorite fusion-era albums. I've been listening to the Dregs live album from 1992 this week.

What are you listening to today?

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  1. King's X just never hit it big. I was fortunate enough to catch them on their Dogman tour many years ago.

  2. I saw King's X open for Dream Theater and Joe Satriani. It was a great show, but King's X's set was far too short.

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  4. I know we talked about this over Twitter the other day, but I'll mention this for your blog readers. If you like King's X I recommend picking up Platypus. It is a side project with Ty Tabor, Rod Mogenstein on drums, Derek Sherinian on keys and John Myung on bass. Also, Jelly Jam which is the same as above, minus Sherinian on keys. Both have two albums I believe.

    Also, Ice Age is very good. I think you can find their stuff on iTunes. It's a progressive band, a little on the heavier side, with a singer that sounds a bit like Dennis DeYoung. They only made two albums, but they are very good.

  5. @Mike I'm really looking forward to picking up those Platypus albums. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I haven't heard of Ice Age. Sound up my alley. I'll be sure to check them out.

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