Genre Break Song #5: Winter Day

Here is an older song of mine that I've yet to post to the blog. "Winter Day" was a staple of my live show for years and it features a fairly lengthy lap steel solo that you might enjoy.

All of those "How to Build Your Personal Brand" books (the ones that I think are crap, yet find myself reading anyway) always talk about the value of an e-mail list. Well, I don't have one, so I figured I'd try to start building one today.

I know how reluctant I am in handing over my e-mail address, so I wanted to reward you folks who are willing to do so. "Winter Day" isn't available anywhere else. It is an exclusive perk for signing the mailing list.

Just click on the link below, enter your e-mail address, hit submit and you will automatically be sent a link to the MP3 of "Winter Day". Alternatively, you can enter your e-mail into the "Fanbridge" widget located in the side bar.

I promise not to spam you. Expect one monthly e-mail newsletter, at most.

Thanks for joining the list. I hope you enjoy the song.

Winter Day
by John Anealio

I wake up early, early in the morning
the clock is ringing but I'm still snoring
I hear the DJ cackle the weather
Things will get worse before the get better

My shower's freezing, my blade is stinging
Look in the mirror, my face is bleeding
I scrape the windows on my Camaro
I raise my bow and draw an arrow of hope

There's snow on the ground
but it won't get me down

You would think that I would be upset
on a Winter Day
But I never felt so fortunate
on a Winter Day
Winter Day

I hit the freeway and blow a tire
this morning I feel like a vampire in the sun
avoiding daylight and fearing crosses
I'm late for work, I'm sure my boss is a mess


But she said that she's in love