Top 5: Geddy Lee, Bear McCreary, & More!

Geddy Lee
  • As I stated in my Cylon #6 Commentary, Rush has been a huge influence on my music. As much as I love Alex Lifeson's guitar playing, Geddy Lee's overall musicianship may have had an even bigger impact on me. To my knowledge he has only released one solo album; 2000's My Favorite Headache. I've had this album since it was released but haven't listened nearly often enough. I've been giving it a thorough listen this week and I've really been enjoying it so far.
Frank Gambale
  • This jazz/rock fusion guitarist has put out quite a few solo albums and has played with jazz greats Chick Corea and Jean-Luc Ponty. Gambale was a staple of the guitar magazines through the 90's and I eventually picked up a couple of his solo albums. This week, I've been listening to his Great Explorers album which features the Joe Satriani rhythm section of bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Jonathan Mover. Gambale plays with a rock tone and I think this album towards Satriani fans (like me). It is a great record, but harmonically it leans a bit more towards jazz than rock. It really helped to expand my ears a bit.
Aldo Nova
  • When I was a teenager, I worked in a supermarket that was located in a strip mall that also housed a record store called Vintage Vinyl. My appetite for music was always greater than what I could afford. I would read these great articles where the likes of Geddy Lee or whoever would mention music that they liked. One way of sampling all of this music without buying a $18. CD was to buy a $1.99 used record from Vintage Vinyl. I discovered albums by the likes of Yes, The Dixie Dregs, Allan Holdsworth, and Aldo Nova this way. I just picked up his self-titled debut this week from eMusic.
Porcupine Tree
  • Still grooving on Porcupine Tree this week. I've been listening to 1999's Stupid Dream album this week.
Bear McCreary
  • In honor of this week's Caprica launch, I've been listening to more Bear McCreary.


  1. Geddy Lee is one of the best! I've seen Rush in concert twenty times now.
    And I haven't heard Aldo Nova's name in years.
    I have Porcupine Tree's "Stars Die" double album. Need to pull it out again.

  2. Yep, I've seen Rush a bunch of times myself.

    Porcupine Tree has put out quite a few really good albums.

  3. Yes, Geddy is pretty awesome.

    I had the first two Aldo Nova cassettes back when I was a kid. I used to listen to them a lot. I remember the second album being very odd with a lot of effects used. Made it seem very futuristic.

    I need to check out more Porcupine Tree. All I have is Deadwing.

  4. The self-titled Aldo Nova album is really well produced. In listening to it this past week, I don't even think it sounds that dated. The drum sounds are fairly natural and the guitars sounds are just beautiful.
    In my opinion, every guitar solo on this album is just a gem.

    Thanks for sharing your thought Mike.