Video: Cylon #6 Commentary, Part 6

In Part 6 of the Cylon #6 Video Commentary, I discuss how this guitar part was influenced by the playing of Alex Lifeson from Rush and Brazilian composer; Heitor Villa-Lobos.

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  1. Thanks, John! These video clips have been very informative.
    Rush is my favorite band and I would love to play like Lifeson!

  2. Thanks Alex. I'm happy to hear that you have enjoyed these. The videos have been an experiment. I really enjoyed doing them and the response has been pretty good, so I plan on doing more. Next week, I'm going to post a 15 minute uninterrupted audio podcast of this commentary. I know that some folks prefer to consume this type of material in an audio format.

    It's funny, I wasn't thinking about Rush at all when I wrote this song but when I analyzed the tune to comment on, I realized that the guitar part had an Alex Lifeson influence. As I said in the video, I've used these types of chords in my playing for so long, that I forgot where I learned them in the first place.

  3. I confess, I've only been playing for three years. i minored in music in college, but not on the guitar. I'm okay, but not ready to perform anything!
    You are really good though.

    Meant to ask - had you listened to Arjen's Star One?

  4. What instrument did you minor in?

    Haven't had a chance to check out Arjen's Star One yet, but I'll be sure to do it soon.

  5. Excellent! The video commentary idea was a great one and I've really enjoyed watching them.
    My only complaint is that I wish they could have been presented as one single video, but that's a minor quibble!

    If you are going to do more, can I put in an early request for Summer Glau?
    Not only because I have an epic crush but, more importantly, because I'm intrigued to hear how you went about writing music for lyrics that were initially written for another tune.
    Also, that's the first one I'd likely remix myself, so any insight into your process would no doubt be helpful.

    Thanks John!