Sci-Fi Song #19: The Transformers Theme

Sci-Fi Song #19 is my cover of "The Transformers Theme" from the 1980's animated show. The metal band Lion and the indie-rock band Mute Math have both done excellent renderings of this tune. I tried to incorporate elements of both versions into my interpretation. In the end, I think that my version sounds like a mixture of folk singer/songwriter, electronica, and progressive rock. I had a great deal of fun putting this together and I hope you enjoy it.

John Anealio

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Here are some of the tools that I used to record this track.
  1. Yamaha Acoustic Guitar in Drop-D Tuning
  2. Rode NT-3 microphone for the vocals, acoustic guitar, and xylophone
  3. Apple Logic Pro 8 recording software
    1. Logic's included compressor, delay, distortion, EQ, pitch-shifting, and reverb plug-ins
    2. The sounds of the violin and cello parts come from Logic's EXS24 Sampler
    3. The synthesizer sounds were created using Logic's ES2 & EFM1 software synthesizers.
    4. The percussion parts were created using Logic's Ultrabeat Drum Synthesizer and Jam Pack drum loops


  1. Oh, very nice.

    Have you heard the Meatbee version? Or the Jarek Zabczynski orchestral version?

  2. Thanks Church!

    No, I haven't heard either of those versions but I'll have to check them out. I just found out that Cheap Trick does a version on the new movie's soundtrack.

  3. Bravo, John! Think I can score a copy of this for my podcast?

    And I am both intrigued and frightened by that Cheap Trick thing. ;)

  4. Thanks Z.!

    Sure, feel free to play it on your podcast. You should be able to download the MP3 right from the page here. If that doesn't work, I can e-mail you a direct link. You can contact me at

  5. John, great tune! And you prob get this a lot, but you would own the theme to the Silver Hawks, I'm just saying...

  6. Thanks Jon,

    Believe it or not, you are the first person to suggest covering "The Silverhawks theme song. :-)
    I just watched a clip of the intro on YouTube. I remember liking that show as a kid, but what's with the pilot playing the guitar?
    Glad you liked the tune.

  7. That... is SO FREAKING AWESOME. Well done! (Though you do know I can never listen to the original the same way again, right? ;))


  8. Thanks Merc! Glad you liked it. The versions by Lion and Mute Math are really worth checking out as well.

  9. Cool, I'll check those out too. :)

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  12. Loved it John! Another interesting version to listen to sometime is the one by Black Lab.