Sci-Fi Songs Podcast #9

In the podcast this week I blather on about composing instrumental electronic music, "found percussion", writing a country-rock song with Sci-Fi author Tom Marcinko, and my desire to collaborate with you (that's right I said "you"!)
  • Last.FM Top 5 artists of the week:
    • Against Me!
    • Floating Action
    • Denison Witmer
    • The Knife
    • The Gaslight Anthem

If you have any ideas for the podcast contact me at or via Facebook or Twitter .

I hope you enjoy it,

John Anealio


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast.
    I share your love for found percussion and found sound (as well as your penchant for Creative Commons sharing).

    I think that the instrumentals as a "separate kind of release" is a great idea--not only are they a good listen, but this is a kind of "musiclog" or "virtual parlor music", a good example of a way music is shared without the old "artiste/listener" paradigm applying.

    How exciting to have 6 people send you lyrics! It makes me want to do a weirdbient album of electronic settings of sci fi spoken word tracks, using some of the conspirators for good who have read for me before.

    It's fun to be used in video soundtracks! you'll get your things used, I am sure.

  2. Thanks Gurdonark. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

    It has been fun analyzing the creative process through the podcast. I'm happy to hear that other people are getting something out of it as well. I know that I like to hear about how other people create.