Lyricist Wanted

One of my musical friends and I decided to start a recording side project as a duo. We plan to get together every few weeks and knock out a song in an afternoon's worth of work. One thing that would make this project more efficient would be to start with some pre-written lyrics.

I take great pride in writing my own lyrics and it is a process that I really enjoy. However, it is the most time intensive part of running Sci-Fi Songs. I plan on continuing to write my own lyrics for my monthly Sci-Fi Song, but for this side project, I'd love to have a lyrical collaborator or two.

I know that many of you are creators in your own right; you are novelists, short story writers, editors, podcasters, blog authors, and songwriters. Would any of you like to contribute some lyrics to this project? It could be a lot of fun. They don't necessarily have to be Sci-Fi or Fantasy based, but that would certainly be a plus.

If you are interested, contact me at or via Facebook or Twitter .

Hope to hear from some of you,
John Anealio


  1. Hey. I'm sort of interested. I sent you an email to


  2. It's a great idea, I love the duos. Especially when we're talking about Viagra Online ... I know , I know you're talking about musical music duos, but I'm kidding, just for be funny and post something different here. Great blog dude!

  3. HEY... sounds like fun, just got back from burning man and on my way to alaska, my brain is buzzing with stories, check out stuff off my new record, especially "heroine" and "cruel world" both are about space travel and theres a couple subtle cues to Dr Who in there...