Sci-Fi Songs Podcast #2

In this episode:

Music Featured in this episode:

  1. Rachel Rosen (Instrumental version) by John Anealio
  2. Good Night and Good Luck by jaspertine
  3. Goodbye War, Hello Peace by Teru
  4. Road Trip by Apple
  5. Chaise Lounge by Apple (bumper)
  6. Honey Powered Satellite by Gurdonark
  7. Emergence Drum n' Bass by IamTheStev
  8. Everyone's Here by Apple (bumper)
  9. Feel Good by Apple
  10. Leodora by John Anealio

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I hope you enjoy it,

John Anealio


  1. Great episode. I applaud in particular the decision to sing an entire song--this should be a mainstay. Maybe the name of the podcast should be "Sci Fi Song", and feature one sci fi song by you each week!

    The commnetary is all good, and interesting. The discussion causes me to encourage you to set up a label as well, and put the songs for free listen and download there as well.

  2. Thanks gurdonark. I'll have to look into setting up a label. Do you have one?