Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a moment to express how thankful I am to all of the wonderful people that have inspired and encouraged my work here at Sci-Fi Songs. It has been a great first five months. I have been overwhelmed by the intelligence and supportiveness of the sci-fi/fantasy community. I'm energized by the creativity and enthusiasm of everyone who has read the blog, downloaded the songs, left a comment, and wrote about my songs on their own blogs. Thank you!

Here are a few people that I'd like to thank personally:
  1. Lou Anders at Pyr Publishing
  2. John DeNardo at SF Signal
  3. Kristen at the Fantasy Cafe
  4. Paul at the Beam Me Up Podcast
  5. David Tackett at Quasar Dragon
  6. Kay Kenyon
  7. Brandon Sanderson
  8. Mulluane at Dragons, Heroes and Wizards
  9. The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club at Good Reads
  10. All of the great remix artists at ccMixter

Over the course of the past month, I've composed a ton of new music that I am excited to record and post soon. Expect new songs based on the works of Gregory Frost, Bruce Sterling, and Steven Erikson. I also have a Sci-Fi Holiday song that I will be posting at some point in December.

Thanks for reading and listening,

Recent Songs Posted:
  1. Sci-Fi Song #10: "Angels and Vampires" inspired by Anne Rice
  2. Sci-Fi Song #11: "Lonesome October Night" inspired by Roger Zelazny
  3. Sci-Fi Song #12: "The Diamond Age" inspired by Neal Stephenson
  4. Genre Break Song #1: "San Luis Obispo"


  1. Thank you John. Happy Turkey Day to you too!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving John (a day late)!

    Looking forward to the new songs!