Android Girlfriend and Summer Glau featured on The Signal Podcast

I have been using to store the mp3's of the songs that I've been posting here. Up until now, I've been using their free service, which offers a generous 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth per month. Due to the success of "Summer Glau", I obliterated my monthly bandwidth for September and October. This was a good problem to have, so I decided to stop being cheap and pay for their Individual account which offers unlimited bandwidth.

I'm glad that I did. Over the past few days, "Summer Glau" has been downloaded quite a bit, which seems to be a result of being played on The Signal, an excellent Firefly/Serenity podcast. Check it out here. They play the song at 52 minutes and 32 seconds into Show #18. You can download the podcast for free directly through their website or by searching for "The Signal" in the iTunes music store.

When I posted "Android Girlfriend" a few weeks ago, I just linked to the ccMixter page where it was being stored. I didn't post the mp3 here because I didn't want to go over the monthly bandwidth allowance of the free account. Now that I am using the paid service, I wanted to post it directly on my blog.

To summarize, "Android Girlfriend" is an excellent mashup of my guitar and vocal tracks from my song "Rachel Rosen" with elements of several other songs and samples from the ccMixter community. The mashup was created by the amazing remix/mashup artist Teru. Read more about it in the original post here.

I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio


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