Remix #2: Android Girlfriend

Android Girlfriend is not really a remix. It could be considered a mash-up of sorts, but by combining elements from four different musical sources, remix master Teru has created a completely new piece of music that stands on its own merits.

The song begins with a sample of windshield wipers rhythmically swishing across the glass. Teru then chopped a two measure sample of the acoustic guitar part from "Rachel Rosen" and digitally slowed it down to match the tempo of the windshield wipers. He then layers in some snare drum roll samples and a snippet of my electric guitar slide to complete the groove.

What I find most interesting about this piece is that Teru took the "She's just an android. She's not alive" counter vocal from Rachel Rosen , and used it as the hook/chorus of his piece. This type of re-purposing of musical material is what makes releasing one's music under a Creative Commons license so rewarding. That counter vocal is such a small part of my original piece. It only appears at the very end of the song. Teru made into something completely different.

The verses of Android Girlfriend are comprised of a spoken word bit. They tell the story of wanting to live on the moon with your robot girlfriend. It's really funny. When you hear these verses followed by my vocal melody, it almost seems like these two parts were composed by the same person. It is a perfect fit.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Check out more of Teru's music here.

Want to do a little remixing/mashing up yourself? Check out my ccMixter page here for the individual vocal and guitar tracks of Rachel Rosen and a few of my other songs.



  1. Wow. Thanks for the most excellent write-up.

    The pleasure was all mine. As you can tell with my mix, I went into my own little world thanks to the great sources you provided. : )

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  3. No problem Teru. I loved what you did with it and I can't wait to hear more.

  4. Wow..Its really beautiful song..It gives great pleasure to mind.