Download "The Talyn Sonata" For Free!

How was your week?  Did you get started on the "23 in '13" Challenge?  How'd it go?

I'm happy to report that I completed my first challenge.  It's an instrumental piece that combines a string quartet, piano, synths, guitar, bass & drums. It's called "The Talyn Sonata."

You can click here to listen and download it for free:

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Please let me know how you're doing with your own challenge in the comments below.

Good luck!
John Anealio


  1. Is this song in any way related to this book? Just curious, because it actually sounds like a very fitting soundtrack to the book.

    1. Hi J.M.

      This piece isn't related to that book, but it looks really cool.

      Talyn is actually the name of one of the ships in Farscape, which I was watching quite a bit while I wrote this piece.

      Hope you enjoy it

  2. Finally got a chance to download and listen to this. Very pretty! Will go on my writing playlist, I think.

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  4. Song #1 is in the can!

    Self-challenge: I made a composition using Logic's "instrument sampler" template using all of the instruments, with no plugin modifications (except for EQ).

  5. Really I like it, and share it with my friends on Facebook, Twitter accounts.
    awesome dude such for such nice music!!