Sci-Fi Songs Podcast #1

A Podcast?

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and here is my first attempt at producing a podcast. I had a ton of fun putting this together and I can really see this becoming a regular part of what I do. If you have the time, please take a listen and let me know what you think.

If I continue this, I'd really like to get the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community involved. If you have the capability to record yourself, perhaps you can record a book review and send it my way. It might be something that I can work into the podcast. If you have any other ideas for ways that you can contribute and promote what you do, contact me at or via Facebook or Twitter .

I hope you enjoy it,

John Anealio

In this episode:

  • The RPM challenge: writing ten songs in 28 days.
  • origin of Sci-Fi Songs
  • Weekly Listening: Son Volt, Drive-By Truckers, The Black Crowes, and Crowded House.
  • Weekly Reading: The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Music Featured in this episode:

  1. Rachel Rosen (Instrumental version) by John Anealio
  2. Our Slanted Voices by Dokashiteru
  3. See You Later by Pitx
  4. Merithyn's Promise by John Anealio
  5. Kestrel by Gurdonark
  6. Chaise Lounge by Apple
  7. Home Tonight by Dokashiteru
  8. Reality TV by Apple
  9. Curtain Call by Apple
  10. Greasy Wheel by Apple
  11. Everyone's Here by Apple
  12. Chemma Chi by Dokashiteru
  13. Sarene (Instrumental version) by John Anealio

1 comment:

  1. This was great! You had interesting commentary, the subtle music in the background was just right, never overshadowing your voice, and you have a very pleasant speaking voice.

    You do tend to repeat your self a bit, and this is a long podcast. Each section was interesting though.

    Your thought process was clear and evident, and of course, I appreciate the mention of me you gave.

    I'd listen to another, no question.