Sci-Fi Song #14: Grasping for the Wind (The Linkup Meme Song)

Sci-Fi Song #14 was inspired by the Book Reviewers Linkup Meme started by John Ottinger III of the Grasping for the Wind blog. This meme really helped to unite and galvanize the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community. I've been writing and recording music for Sci-Fi Songs since this past summer. In that time, it seems that something happens every few weeks that causes the SFF blogging community to become even more vibrant than it was before. John's meme is a perfect example.

"Grasping for the Wind (The Linkup Meme Song)" is a tribute to all of the blogs that I read and to the wonderful people who I have had the pleasure of connecting with since I started Sci-Fi Songs.

Special thanks must also be given to Steve Davidson of The Crotchety Old Fan blog. His ongoing reviews of the blogs listed in the meme are what sparked the idea to write the song.

A quick glance at the lyrics will tell you that I put together the verses by rhyming the names of the blogs. I apologize if I mispronounced the name of your blog. Also, I'm sorry if I didn't mention your blog in the song. The song is already 5 minutes long, and there was no way to fit every blog in it. If people enjoy the song, I am open to doing a reprise or part II that will list some of the blogs that weren't mentioned in this version.

I hope you enjoy it!
John Anealio

Grasping for the Wind (The Linkup Meme Song)
by John Anealio

Bookspotcentral and the Bibliosnark
SF Signal and the Accidental Bard
The Crotchety Old Fan and Blood of the Muse
OF Blog of the Fallen and Fantasy Debut

Andromeda Spaceways and the Deckled Edge
The Fantasy Cafe and AurealisXpress
The Antick Musings of the Hornswaggler Gent.
A Dribble of Ink and the Galaxy Express

I'm Grasping for the Wind
with this Linkup Meme
I don't know where to begin
with these RSS feeds

Speculative Fiction Junkie, Hyperpat's Hyper Day
Cheaper Ironies and Neth Space
Dragons, Heroes, and Wizards and The Wertzone
the Sudden Curve and The Agony Column

Robots and Vamps and the Sci-Fi Guy
Urban Fantasy Land and io9
Adventures in Reading and Galleycat
Cheryl's Musings and The Sequential Rat


Dark Wolf Reviews and Darque Reviews
Fantasy Book Reviews and News
Graeme's Fantasy Book Review,
The Spiral Galaxy Reviews
The Highlander's Book Review
Sandstorm Reviews and The Sword Review


Enter the Octopus and Walker of Worlds
Rob's Blog of Stuff, The Discriminating Fangirl
Bibliophile Stalker and the SciFi Chick
Hasenpfeffer and the Fantasy Book Critic

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist and Critical Mass
Jumpdrives and Cantrips, The World in a Satin Bag
Fruitless Recursion and the Book Swede
Bookcrastion and Reading the Leaves


Dave Brendon's Fantasy and Sci-Fi Weblog
Feminist SF the Blog!
Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog
and the Fantastic Reviews Blog

Sci-Fi Fan Letter and 7 foot shelves
Author 2 Author, Billion Light-Year Bookshelf
SF Gospel and the Bookgeeks
Danger Gal and NextRead


Here are some of the tools that I used to record the track:
  1. Martin Acoustic Guitar in Standard Tuning
  2. Washburn Bass Guitar for the walking bassline
  3. Rode NT-3 microphone (to record the acoustic guitar and my vocals)
  4. Apple Logic Pro 8 recording software
    1. The EXS24 Sampler for the piano, violin, cello, and organ sounds. (I perform all of these parts using a M-Audio Ozone keyboard controller)
    2. Logic's included compressor and reverb plug-ins
    3. The drum parts were created using Logic's included drum loops

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  1. Outstanding! Thanks for putting Fantasy Debut in your song!!

  2. If there is such a thing as a scifi Grammy you have my vote:) Awesome chorus.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for including Fantasy Cafe in it!

  4. Thanks so much everyone. I'm really excited to hear that you like it.

  5. Aw man that's awesome!! :-) Very bloody well done to both John's! :-)

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for including Danger Gal. That song is all kinds of awesome.

  7. I never dreamed that I'd be immortalized in song! Thanks!

  8. Wow--that's all sorts of awesomeness! Thanks for including J&C!

  9. Thanks again everyone. I have some ideas for a reprise that will mention some of the blogs that I missed. I'll keep you all posted.

  10. my wife and son had a great time dancing around the living room to the song.

    Excellent job

  11. Wow John - wow.

    Thanks SO MUCH for crediting me with the 'spark'!

    I love the song btw. I'd like to stick it up on my blog...

    steve davidson

  12. This is amazing -- thank you very much :) I didn't participate in John's meme, or much lately in the SFFsphere, but that'll be changing this year.

    Thanks, and I'll give you a shout out and thanks on the blog, when my laptop stops playing silly buggers!

    The Book Swede

  13. Neth: Glad to hear that you and your family are enjoying the song.

    Steve: No problem. I was enjoying your reviews, and the idea just struck me. Thanks for the link.

    Chris: You are very welcome and thanks for the link.

  14. That is just awesome! Thanks so much for including DR. :)

  15. John,

    never one to miss a chance to leave a pingback, I have created an 'interactive' version of your song lyrics and posted them on my blog - here


  16. Great song! Even though my blog hadn´t made it, I´m proud of being in the original list that inspired you! :-)

  17. Thanks Fabio. I love your blog. Sorry that I didn't work it into the song.

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