I Need Your Ideas for Ten New Songs!

I need your help. I'm considering taking part in this year's RPM challenge. Basically, you have to write and record ten songs within the 28 days of February. I think that this may be a lot of fun.

I'd want to write ten songs based on Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I thought it would be fun to write ten songs based on one subject. I'd like to find some category that included ten different members of a group to write about. The best thing that I've come up with so far is the planets of our solar system (I'd write one about the sun or some of the moons). I'm not in love with that idea, so I would love some suggestions.

Do you know of any science fiction or fantasy related property that has some type of grouping of ten different characters, or animals, or spaceships, or kingdoms, or gods, or elements, or powers, or weapons, or races, or anything else that you can think of?

I'd love to hear your ideas. If you'd like to help, post your ideas in the comments section here, or you can e-mail me at, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. If I use your idea, I'll be happy to link to your site in any of the formats that the songs may appear in.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you might come up with,


  1. You could easily find ten characters to write songs about in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice.

  2. Nine walkers of the Fellowship of the Ring (plus one for the ring itself.)

    Nine crew of Serenity (plus Serenity itself.)

  3. You could do characters (or events) from the Wheel of Time. Plenty to choose from!

  4. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I'll let you know in a few days what I decide to write about.

  5. Are you familiar with the British SF TV show Dr Who? To date there have been 10 different Drs...

  6. There are 10 loyalist (and 10 traitor) legions in Warhammer 40k (except that one fo each are unnamed...)


  7. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not very familiar with Warhammer, but I'll certainly look into it. Cool blogs by the way.