Sci-Fi Song #10: Angels and Vampires

"Angels and Vampires" was inspired by Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice... sort of.

I was so pleased with the results of "Beautiful Vampire" that I decided to use it as the first track on a CD that I released a few years ago. The title of that CD was "Angels and Vampires: Volume I", as there were a few songs that had references to... wait for it... Angels and Vampires. Ed. note: I also mentioned Camaros on a couple of songs, and I originally intended on titling the album "Vampires and Camaros", but was voted down by my friends that did the artwork for the CD. :-) But I digress.

At the time, I had a pretty extensive backlog of songs (I still do). I figured that putting Volume I in the title would pressure me into quickly recording and releasing a Volume II (it didn't work). With that in mind, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a title track called Angels and Vampires.

I researched the relationship between Angels and Vampires and came across Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil. I enjoyed it, and it gave me the idea to characterize the vampire in my song as a fallen angel, but "Angels and Vampires" isn't really about Memnoch the Devil at all. It is more of a prequel to my song "Beautiful Vampire".

Carmilla, the female vampire, is once again cast as the main character in this song. This time she is younger, struggling with her existence as a vampire, walking around with artificially blond hair, and working in a coffee shop instead of a bar (what can I say? I used to spend a lot of time in the coffee shops and bars of New Jersey).

Carmilla's antagonist is a modern day version of the angel Gabriel. He shows up at the coffee shop to offer solace to Carmilla, who may or may not be a former angel herself.

I wrote this song a few years ago, but I just recorded it last week. I'm really excited to finally put this song out into the world.

Here are the lyrics:

Angels and Vampires

She scribbles his order down
to the beat of espresso machines
Adjusts her peroxide crown
Retracts her diaphanous wings

She's obsessive and manic depressive
Carmilla hates what she's become

Gabe looks in her stained-glass eyes
and sings his celestial refrain
Peeks through his own disguise
and gives her a chance to explain

Her defection and lack of reflection
Gabriel waits through the night

And he said that Angels and Vampires hide behind their wings
He said that Angels and Vampires hide behind their wings

They enter the cold night air
and head south on Patterson street
Climb up the cathedral stairs
propelled by the blood and caffeine

Then he mentions he offers redemption
Carmilla can't make up her mind

And he said that Angels and Vampires hide behind their wings
He said that Angels and Vampires hide behind their wings

But she's got to find her way home
But it's too late

Here are some of the tools that I used to record the track:
  1. Martin Acoustic Guitar in Standard tuning with a capo at the third fret
  2. Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar in Open A tuning (EAEAC#E) for the slide guitar parts.
  3. Washburn Bass Guitar
  4. Rode NT-3 microphone (to record the acoustic guitar and my vocals)
  5. Apple Logic Pro 7 recording software
    1. The EXS24 Sampler for the violin, organ, and synthesizer sounds
    2. The ES2 software synth
    3. Logic's included compressor, delay, and reverb plug-ins
    4. The electric guitar parts were recorded through Logic's Guitar Amp Pro plug-in
    5. The drum parts were created using Beta Monkey's Drum Werks V loop collection

Hope you enjoy it,


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