Sci-Fi Song #8: Summer Glau

It is quite obvious from the title of this song that the subject of Sci-Fi Song #8 is actress Summer Glau of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame. There is a pretty interesting story behind the creation of this song.

The lyrics of "Summer Glau" were penned by John DeNardo of SF Signal. After John was kind enough to put a link to Sci-Fi Songs on SF Signal, I e-mailed him to say thanks. In his response, he jokingly asked if I'd like to take a shot at recording the "Summer Glau Song". This was a set of lyrics that he wrote to the tune of "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Crofts. I didn't have much interest in recording a parody, but I asked him if it would be OK to write an original tune to his lyrics. Here is the result.

I'd like to thank John DeNardo for generously supplying the lyrics that spawned Sci-Fi Song #8.

Here are some of the tools that I used to record the track:
  1. Martin Acoustic Guitar in standard tuning with a capo at the third fret
  2. G&L ASAT (Telecaster) Electric Guitar
  3. Washburn Bass Guitar
  4. Rode NT-3 microphone (to record the acoustic guitar and my vocals)
  5. Apple Logic Pro 7 recording software
    1. The EVB3 software instrument plug-in for the organ part in the second verse
    2. Logic's included compressor, delay, phaser, and reverb plug-ins
    3. The electric guitar parts were recorded through Logic's Guitar Amp Pro plug-in
    4. The drum parts were created using Beta Monkey's Drum Werks V loop collection

Hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio

Summer Glau
lyrics by John DeNardo, music and performance by John Anealio

See the girl curled up in the cryo
Not a stitch of clothing found in sight
Mal is ticked off wond'rin' 'bout the Doctor
I don't care, cause I'm feeling alright

See the tree branch lying on the cold deck
She picks it up, maybe thinks its fun
Snap us back to now, see the worried crew
Don't look now but River's got a gun

Summer Glau, she makes me feel fine
I can't shake her image from my mind
Summer Glau, she makes me feel fine
I can't shake her image from my mind

See the angel punching and a kickin'
Not really sure what she could do
She's a weapon, a source of destruction
She's a vital part of Malcolm's crew

Summer Glau, she makes me feel fine
I can't shake her image from my mind
Summer Glau, she makes me feel fine
I can't shake her image from my mind


  1. Freakin awesome! I'll give it airtime! I will post it on BMU's blog and open with it this week. I honestly did not hear this song in my head when I first read the lyrics. Lovin it now!

  2. Paul (Beam Me Up):
    Thanks for posting it on the BMU blog. I look forward to listening to the podcast this week.

    lyraadriana and jim:
    Glad to hear that you like it.

  3. Lou,
    Thanks for the interest in a CD. I hadn't planned on releasing a CD. At some point, I may take the best ten songs from my blog and release it as an official CD.

  4. Thanks Aaron,
    Happy to hear that you like it. The plan is to keep new ones coming every other week, with remixes on the alternating weeks.


  5. I made a video for your song!

  6. Cool. Thanks for making the video. It looks great.

  7. Thanks, glad you like it, feel free to post it if you want.

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  10. awesome song. I love Summer Glau great job :)

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  12. So where is it? How do I hear it?