Sci-Fi Song #2: Page 123

This week's song was inspired by a meme that has been circulating through some of the book blogs that I read regularly. Here it is:

  1. Grab the nearest book
  2. Turn to page 123
  3. Write down the fifth sentence. (Go ahead, try it!).

I figured that it would be fun to try and write a song based on this meme. The nearest book for me was Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams.

Here are some of the tools that I used to record this track:

  1. Martin Acoustic Guitar in Drop-D tuning: DADGBE
  2. Rode NT-3 microphone (to record the guitar and my vocals)
  3. Apple Logic Pro 7 recording software
    • EXS24 sampler for the drum, bass, and wurlitzer electric piano sounds
    • EVB3 software instrument for the organ sound
    • Logic's compressor, tremolo, and reverb plug-ins

Are you a blogger who tends to participate in these types of memes? If so, do you have any suggestions for a meme that might make a good song?

Special thanks to the following blogs for the inspiration:


Here are the lyrics:

I'm staring at my laptop screen
Scrolling through the feeds
I'm subscribed to a hundred blogs
but there's still nothing to read

While clicking tabs in Firefox
A theme seems to repeat
Grab a book from off your shelf
and find page 123

So turn to page 123
and write the fifth sentence that you see
So turn to page 123
Cause that seems to be the latest meme

So I take "Wikinomics" by Don Tapscott
and Anthony Williams
I open to page 123
and do what must be done

It reads "Firms will still need to invest resources
in internal R & D
to be able to recognize
a commercial opportunity"


  1. Thanks for pointing me to this blog John; the song is beautiful. I enjoyed the previous one that was inspired by the visual artistry of Janet Chui as well. Thanks for reading us and keep up the good work - I really like the idea behind your blog and the work you are doing. I'll be seeing you around.

  2. This is so very cool. I linked it at Fantasy Debut.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this! That's very cool - and quite humorous. Of course, I also had to link to it. I've never inspired a song before. ;)

  4. Thrinidir, Tia, and Kristen,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to listen as well as for the kind words and links.

    My goal is to post a new song or piece of music each week that is influenced by some aspect of either the fantasy/sci-fi or tech/geek worlds.

    The fantasy/sci-fi book blog community is just wonderful, and I can't help but be inspired by it.

    Thanks again,

  5. Fun idea for a weblog. I enjoyed your 'pella at ccmixter,and enjoy hearing your "full folk mix" here. I think it's great to see Creative Commons licenses applied liberally.

    I don't often remix sung vocals, but I wanted to drop you this note to say "you're on the right track!" and I hope your song gets lots of mixes at the mixter.

  6. thanks gurdonark,
    This is the first time that I've posted something at ccMixter. Any advice on how to present the material is welcome. I'm really looking forward to hearing the remix.