July Roundup

Posting a song a week here at SciFi Songs has been a blast. It was a great first month and I hope to be able to continue at a similar pace over the course of the coming months.

Here are the links to the first four SciFi Songs:

1. Before the End of Time

2. Page 123

3. Vilfredo Pareto

4. The Return of Titus Quinn

I'm currently about half way through recording a song which is inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Elantris and I'm also about half done with writing a new song based on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Those should be the next two songs posted here.

Thanks so much for listening,

If you have a suggestion of a book, short story, anime, movie, or piece of visual art that you think would make an interesting SciFi Song, please e-mail me at

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