The Crescent Sonata (Piano Version, W.I.P)

I'm going to start sharing works in progress here.  Here's a piece that I finished composing called "The Crescent Sonata."  This is a bare bones piano version.  The final version will be solo acoustic guitar with some added orchestral elements, I think.

Take a listen.  What would you like to hear in the final version?  In addition to the acoustic guitar, what types of orchestral instruments would you like to hear?  Woodwinds?  Brass?  Strings?  Do you think this piece should have some synth or electronic elements?  Percussion?  Electric guitars?

As I said, I'm think acoustic guitar with some slight orchestral support, but I'm curious to hear what you are hearing.

Thanks for listening and for the input!
John Anealio

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  1. Do you have the finished piece, I would love to hear it.