Download "Zombinista"... For Free!

I've got a brand new instrumental to share with you this week that's part surf rock, part rockabilly and part horror movie soundtrack .  It's called "Zombinista."  

You can click here to listen and download it for free:

This piece was commissioned by Kim Price of the Ladies of Leet Podcast for her Zombinista blog and video series.  Check it out!

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Have a great week!
John Anealio


  1. Truly perfect piece of music :-) even without having gone (yet) to the blog it says everything you need, subject matter, sense of humour, passion. I say this having put music and songs to move the play/script forward into hundreds of live shows and comedy shows and seen many more so I honestly think I am an expert in this small way at least!
    Well done John! Am off to check the Zombinista blog now ;-)
    btw I was a 'megaphonista' at the Royal Festival Hall last week, yep they actually gave me a megaphone to sing through so loving the title of the blog too ;-)

    1. Thanks Marysia! Glad you like it. Glad to hear that things are going well for you.