5 Favorite Musical Artists of Author Paul S. Kemp

By day, Paul S. Kemp works for The Man.  Woe!  But by night, he spins sword and sorcery and space opera tales that people seem to like.  Huzzah!  He’s the creator of Erevis Cale and Egil and Nix. He writes about thieves, priests, and Jedi, dark swords, and lightsabers.  He drinks scotch, smokes cigars, and lives in Michigan with his wife and three wonderful children.  Find out more at paulskemp.com

5.  Kate Nash and Lily Allen

I'm putting Kate Nash and Lily Allen together here, and both are fairly new to me.  But as a result of their profane up-tempo, painfully honest tracks, I now have crushes on all women with British accents.

4.  Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder

First, Vedder can sing just about anything and make it sound awesome. Second, my brother-in-law did a fantasy baseball camp with the Chicago Cubs a few years ago and Vedder was a participant in the camp too, shagging flies, taking batting practice, what have you.  One day, after the baseball drills, all of the fantasy campers, including Vedder, went to a Karaoke bar, where Vedder sang U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name."  My brother-in-law got it on his camera phone.  So, Eddie Vedder can sing like he sings, likes the Cubbies, can swing a bat, and goes out with the regular fellas for beers, where he puts on a Karaoke show for them. Since learning all of this, Eddie Vedder has held the title of "The Coolest Musician Paul Kemp has ever heard of."

3.  Pink Floyd

Unique, mind-bending sound and albums that are stories.  "Time" is one of the best songs of all time.  Also, there is no dark side of the moon, really.

2.  Soundgarden

Because BadMotorFinger, that's why.  Because One Eye Open, that's why.  Because Outshined, that's why.  Because Chris Cornell can bring it, is what I'm saying.

And our big winner is,

1.  Led Zeppelin

Because Led Zeppelin One is blues turned into hard rock.  Because Led Zeppelin Two is blues turned into hard rock, but now with added Tolkien.  Because the Battle of Evermore.  Because Robert Plant has as wide a vocal range as any male rock singer I've ever heard.  And because "Lyin'.  Cheatin'.  Hurtin'.  That's all you seem to do."     


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