Album of the Day: Toto "Turn Back"

Like Night Ranger yesterday, Toto is a band that I always liked but never heard anything beyond their greatest hits.  Spotify has been a godsend for exploring the older catalogs of bands that I always wanted to learn more about. 

Turn Back has some great songs.  Toto are kind of like an 80's Steely Dan with some hard rock riffing courtesy of guitarist Steve Lukather and some absolutely wonderful piano and synthesizer work by David Paich. 


  1. The cool thing about that period was reading the liner notes of all the cassettes and albums I'd buy, and seeing the names Lukather, Paitch, Porcaro, Kimball, and Williams over and over again. These guys were EVERYwhere playing sessions!

    1. Totally. They started as session dudes, formed Toto but continued doing sessions. I believe Lukather is playing the rhythm guitar parts on Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Of course, Van Halen plays the solo. Not coincidentally, I believe Lukather and Eddie are still good friends.