Album of the Day: Def Leppard "Mirror Ball"

Def Leppard was the first band that I truly loved.  I wore out 3 cassette copies of Hysteria.  Unfortunately, Spotify doesn't have any of the the Def Leppard studio albums, but they do have this live one. 

Released in 2011, Mirrorball is an excellent live record that showcases the band's strengths: catchy tunes and superb backing vocals.  It's also great to hear Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell cut loose on some extended guitar solos on classic tunes like "Love Bites". 

What are you listening to today?


  1. Def Leppard was also the first band I ever loved. And Hysteria was also the source of my love...unfortunately I saw them live in 2000 and while I still love them, I can only listen to album versions now for fear of having a flashback.

    It was good seeing you again this weekend.

    1. Great seeing you again this weekend to Joel.