7 Reasons Why I Write Songs About Science Fiction

  1. I'm a happily married man in my mid-thirties.  Writing songs about my tortured love life would be disingenuous (and lame).
  2. I've always loved Science Fiction Movies & TV Shows.
  3. Reading books makes me feel less stupid... I like writing songs about things that make me feel less stupid.
  4. I'm a musical omnivore.  It made sense to identify my music through lyrical rather than musical content because what I'm into musically changes so frequently.
  5. The idea of the hero's journey is powerful and universal.  Why not have songs about it? 
  6. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Community (particularly the literary side) is so smart and supportive.  Once I started making these songs, I felt like I found the creative friends that I had always been searching for.
  7. Two Words: Vulcan. Groupies


  1. "Vulcan Groupies"? Really? You have Vulcan groupies? Are you sure this isn't a dream you had once? :)

    But seriously, your groupies are well-read, intelligent, informed and engaged. They are technically savvy and willing to seek out meanings, answers, references and obscure asides from your songs. Hey, maybe we ARE Vulcans after all!

  2. Thanks Dave!

    I'm fine with Android/Cylon groupies too.

  3. I'm sure most would be just fine with a Tricia Helfer / Number Six groupie...