Best Male Geek Music Act Nominee

Julia Sherred of the GeekMom blog wrote a super nice article about me. Please go and check it out here: Meet Geek Musician: John Anealio

In even more exciting news, I'm nominated for Best Male Geek Music Act for the GeekMom Music Awards! What's particularly awesome about this, are the other nominees. Check out the list:

  • Jonathan Coulton
  • Weird Al
  • John Anealio
  • Paul & Storm
  • Hard & Phirm (Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirman)
  • Hank Green
  • Drown Radio
I'm totally psyched to be mentioned in the same sentence with Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, Paul & Storm, and all of the other great acts. Cast your vote here: Best Male Geek Music Act.

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