3 Reasons To Follow Mur Lafferty On Twitter

I thought that it would be fun to put the spotlight on one of my Twitter followers each Friday, so here ya go.

Here are 3 Reasons why you should follow Mur Lafferty (@mightymur) on Twitter:

  1. She's a Podcasting Pioneer: Mur started podcasting back when you were still riding around on your dinosaur. Check out her podcasts at The Murverse.
  2. She's a Fabulous Author: Mur has a ton of great novels available in print, eBook and audio. Go check them out here.
  3. She's Built a Supportive Community for Creative Folks: Through her I Should Be Writing Podcast and Social Media Output, Mur has built up a huge audience for her work and a creative community who support her and each other.
What are you waiting for? Go and follow Mur now! @mightymur

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