3 Reasons To Follow John DeNardo on Twitter

I thought it would be fun to spotlight one of my Twitter/Social Media friends each Friday, so here ya go.

John DeNardo (@sfsignal) is my favorite Twitter follower this week. Almost all of my musical success can be attributed to John DeNardo (well, that's what he keeps telling me). Seriously though, John shared my music with the huge audience of Sci-Fi Fans that he has over at SFSignal.com

Top 3 Reasons to Follow John DeNardo on Twitter:
  1. He's the Head Honcho over at SFSignal.com: SFSignal has over 11,000 daily blog subscribers. That makes John a big deal.
  2. He's really funny: Seriously, DeNardo is side-splittingly funny. Side-Splittingly is grammatically correct, right?
  3. He's a great community organizer: SFSignal has really become the genre hub and lots of cool authors, bloggers and fans contribute to the site.
For all things Sci-Fi, subscribe to the feed at SFSignal and follow John on Twitter (@sfsignal)

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  1. I'd be blushing if my Ego didn't totally agree with you. ;)