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The GeekDad Song

I co-wrote this song with fellow GeekDad: Z. Check out Z.'s excellent blog and podcast: Hipster, Please!

Both Z. and I contribute to's GeekDad blog. Z. is the co-host of the GeekDad HipTrax podcast and I produce the GeekDad Guitar Lesson Videos.

We wrote this song to celebrate the release of head GeekDad, Ken Denmead's new GeekDad Book.

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I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio
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by John Anealio & Z.

Took some time and hacked the toaster
This steampunk oven timer's swell, what the hell
Let's build a LEGO roller coaster
The boy can take it to show and tell, and all is well

People say I'm a GeekDad
My co-workers think I'm a nerd
People say I'm a GeekDad
But my wife just thinks I'm absurd

Our coffee maker seems redundant
There must be a better way, what you say?
Solar energy's abundant
Even if we fail we'll be okay with our new deathray.


A working TARDIS in the basement
A Stargate portal on the lawn
Trans-dimensional displacement
helps the traffic move along


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