A Free Chupacabra Song for Cinco De Mayo!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I'm offering my "Is A Chupacabra Kosher" song for absolutely free. Just click the Download button on the player above to get the song for free.

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I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio
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Here are the lyrics:

Is a Sasquatch Kosher?
Could it be served like tenderloin?
Could you eat it with some chocolate coins?
Is A Sasquatch Kosher?
Do you think it tastes like beef?
Would it’s hair get caught between your teeth

Is a Chupacabra Kosher?
How come all these goats are dead?
could you eat it with some Challah bread?
Is a Chupacabra Kosher?
Or do you think that it’s unclean?
I guess I’ll settle for some rice and beans.

So how can you tell if an animal is Kosher or unclean?
The Torah gives a list of simple rules.
Never eat a bird of prey or any creeping thing.
But it’s Okay if it has cloven hooves.

Is an Ouroboros Kosher?
It’s a great big giant snake
Could you eat it with some potato pancakes
Is an Ourorboros Kosher?
I don’t think that it’s the case
To eat it would surely be a big mistake.

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