Gig this Thursday in Somerset, NJ

This Thursday, I'll be performing at the Franklin Township Library. I'll be performing lots of songs from my album, as well as some new songs and covers. I'll even be playing my Irish Bouzouki on a few songs! Here's the pertinent info:

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
7pm-8:30pm @
The Franklin Township Public Library
485 DeMott Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873
Free Admission! Register Here

Hope to see you there,


  1. Put it on my calendar. If there is not too much homework, I'll bring my daughter as well.

  2. Hope lots of people show up. It sounds like fun.

  3. Will your "I Should be Writing" song make an appearance? I really enjoy that one on Mur's podcast.

    By the way, you've been hit with a star award. Details here, I know these are silly, but I felt compelled to comply with the orthodoxy of the chain post: Takes me back to the chain e-mails of the AOL days.

  4. The ISBW song did appear--Blue Lego, Mill Falcon, Rachel, Cylon #6, Summar Glau, Transformers, Firefly theme, Mr. Roboto, NaNoRiMo and probably a few more. About 20 in the audience (people came and went, maybe 10-12 were there for the whole thing.