Update! The Triceratops Song Version 3.0

Here is another set of verse lyrics, supplied by Kate Sherrod. Kate's lyrics have a completely different impact than those of Z. of Hipster Please. I like 'em both. Which got me thinking; I like the current form of the song, perhaps we can have many different versions of this song with different sets of verse lyrics. It happens with old folk songs all of the time. Soooo ...

I'm going to start recording a proper version of this song next week. My plan is to record one version with Z.'s lyrics and one with Kate's lyrics. If you still want to submit a set of verse lyrics, please do. I'll try to record as many different versions of this song as I can. Once again, submit your lyrics in the comments sections of this post, e-mail them to me at 27summers@gmail.com or Tweet them to me.

The Triceratops Song (Version 3.0)

This isn't the first time we've seen a childhood mem'ry change.
First brontosaurs all got renamed. Apatasaur still sounds strange.
Up in the sky a planet we all learned to call Pluto
Is now a rock, no consequence, just far away and slow.

My fav'rite dinosaur is a Triceratops
And now it is no more,
It's just a younger version of a Torosaur
It's not a sep'rate species

I think I've gotten to the root of this conspiracy.
Those textbook companies have got to sell to you and me
Or they'll go under, so they need to keep it all brand-new.
At least that's how it looks to me. How does it look to you?

At least they're keeping the name
But to me its just not the same
I hope they don't take my Pterodactyl away

As I start recording the song next week, I plan on recruiting some of you musical types out there for some help.

John Anealio,
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  2. ha! EXACTLY !! Love it! Love it!
    I will give it some play time on the program.


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