"I Should Be Writing": The Song

<a href="http://johnanealio.bandcamp.com/album/i-should-be-writing">I Should Be Writing by John Anealio</a>

This song was commissioned by author Mur Lafferty as the theme song for her podcast of the same name.

"I Should Be Writing" is a pay what you want single (that also includes a solo acoustic version of the song). If you're broke, you can still get it for free. Just click the Buy button on the player above and enter 0. More than anything, I want you to enjoy my music, even if you can't pay. If you can, by all means, throw me a few bucks. :-)

You can also click here for the download: "I Should Be Writing"

"I Should Be Writing" is dedicated to everyone who writes. Whether you write novels, articles, blog posts, comics, or songs, I think everyone has occasions when they doubt what they are doing or are easily distracted. Hopefully this song will help.

I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio
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I Should Be Writing
by John Anealio

I work eight hours
steaming milk and sweeping floors
I come home and take a shower
and steam the coffee from my pores

I sit at my computer
and I open Firefox
I play a first person shooter
and then I open Google Docs

But there is nothing there
I'll guess I'll get to work

But I should be writing
I should be working on my craft
I should be writing
I should be submitting my next draft
But I'm sitting home watching Doctor Who

I stare at Google Reader
and I read a how-to blog
You've got to dig much deeper
to write convincing dialogue

so I search for inspiration
deep within the iTunes store
but there's no application
that will help me to ignore

the fact that Doctor Who is on TV tonight


Why do I do this to myself?
Why can't I relax?
I want to see my name up on that shelf
on the spine of a paperback.



  1. You go from strength to strength John - as funny as ever but this time it's the music that blows me away.

  2. I'm a dollar short and a day late, as usual, but great work, John!!

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  4. Amazing song! I absolutely love it! It's become one of my favourites as I can very much relate to it :) lol Thanks and keep up the amazing work:)

  5. Thanks Chaosparks! Glad to hear that you like it.