"Blue Lego" Recording Log

I thought that it would be fun to write a "recording log" post where I describe the tools and technique that I use to record my songs.

The first song that I want to talk about is "Blue Lego (Steve Jobs Hates Flash)". If you haven't already done so, click here to get the free MP3 download.

To start, my recording software of choice is Apple Logic Pro 8 running on a white MacBook.

Here is a Logic Pro screen shot (click to enlarge) of the entire arrangement. You count right, there are 32 tracks of vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums. That is actual a fairly typical track count for my songs.

Here is a screen shot (click to enlarge) of all of the vocals. There are so many tracks because I double all of the vocals. When you hear the three part harmony in the chorus, you are actually hearing six different vocal tracks. I process the vocals with light compression and reverb.

Here is a screen shot (click to enlarge) of the drums, bass, and guitar parts.

The drum sound is a fairly standard "rock kit" sound from Logic's Ultrabeat Drum Sampler. I programmed the drums using a combination of Ultrabeat's step sequencer and Logic's Piano Roll MIDI editor.

I played the bass part on my old Washburn electric bass guitar.

The acoustic guitar parts (including the harmonics in the second chorus) were played on my Yamaha FPX 300 acoustic guitar.

All of the electric guitar parts and solos were played on my Les Paul Studio.

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  1. Cool. I use Logic Express. I wonder what I'm missing, but even Express has too much.

  2. Logic Pro is way more than most people need. Honestly, you can do a ton of stuff in Garage Band. I think that Logic Pro has more plug-ins. I believe that Ultrabeat and Sculpture are pro only. I use Ultrabeat all of the time. Glad you liked the post. Do you have any music posted?

  3. Sure do. Here it is - The American Book of the Dead. A sort-of similar project, I'm writing songs for my own sci-fi novel.

    Ultrabeat comes with Express but I haven't poked around with it b/c I use an electronic drumset.

    Anyway...like what you're doing here.

  4. 很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................

  5. @Henry

    Cool! Your stuff sounds really good. Happy to hear another musician combining music and writing.