Blurbs from Brandon Sanderson, Kay Kenyon & More!

Since the start of the Sci-Fi Songs blog, I've had the extreme good fortune of receiving lots of positive feedback from quite a few well known Sci-Fi & Fantasy authors. I wrote a few songs based on the novels of Brandon Sanderson, Kay Kenyon, and Gregory Frost. Through various Sci-Fi blogs and social networks, these authors became aware of my work and were kind enough not only to link to these songs but to say some nice things about them as well.

When I released the Sci-Fi Songs CD last month, I asked them if I could use some of the nice things that they wrote about me as blurbs for the release. Being the awesome folks that they are, they agreed. Here is what they had to say:

"This is an artist to keep an eye on." -Brandon Sanderson, author of The Gathering Storm, Elantris, & The Mistborn Trilogy

"I am blown away." -Gregory Frost, author of Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet

"A nuanced and beautiful piece of music." -Kay Kenyon, author of Bright of the Sky

Pretty sweet, huh? Well, it doesn't stop there. Ken Denmead of Wired Magazine's Geek Dad podcast (who also has a book coming out soon) had this to say:

"A work of Coulton-ic genius. A thing of beauty." -Ken Denmead, Wired Magazine's GeekDad

I've put a lot of work into these songs over the past year and a half and to be recognized by such a talented group of people is really gratifying.

While you are here, be sure to check out the new Menu Bar. I think that it looks great and makes the site much easier to navigate. Special thanks to Mark of Walker of Worlds for putting it together for me!

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  1. That's awesome so many have provided blurbs and links!!