Name The 3 Musical Artists That I Sound Like

If all goes well, I should send out the final artwork and Master audio disc of my album for duplication by the end of the week. I should receive physical copes of the CD by the end of the month!

I'm going to put the album up on CDbaby for distribution. One of the questions that has to be answered is: What 3 artists do you sound like? This seems like a simple question, but it is often difficult to judge what one sounds like.

So, in an attempt to create an accurate picture of what "John Anealio" sounds like, I ask you this simple question:

What 3 musical artists does John Anealio sound like?

Please list your choices in the comments section. Alternatively, You can e-mail me your picks at or you can communicate with me via Twitter or Facebook

If a lot of you chime in on this, I'll hopefully be able to create a more accurate representation to present to people who are just discovering my music.

Thanks for your help,
John Anealio


  1. I'm not greatly familiar with your work...and for some reason I can't get most of your mp3's to load for me this morning....but based on "Last Drink for Bird Head", I pick up similarities to:
    -Harry Chapin
    -Townes Van Zandt
    -Bob Dylan

    I may revise that if I can get at some more of your music today.

  2. Damn. That is a tough question. Will think on it.

  3. Thanks Dominic. Those are some heavier hitters there. Most of my other tunes aren't as folky as Last Drink Bird Head but I appreciate the compliment.

    Church: Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  4. Dificil pregunta...

    I would say :

    Sean Fournier

    Joshua Radin


  5. Hi Azrra,

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. I'm'a say Jonathan Coulton, Kirby Krackle and They Might Be Giants (although all three are a stretch.)