Video: Lonesome October Night

Hey! Check this out: a new feature here at Sci-Fi Songs. I've been meaning to experiment with video for quite a while now. Since most of my energy is being spent on getting the Sci-Fi Songs album/CD prepared, I don't have as much time to record new songs. I thought that some performance videos might make a nice addition to the blog. Let me know what you think.

Lonesome October Night is a song that I wrote, recorded, and posted to the blog about a year ago. This song was inspired by Roger Zelazny's "A Night in the Lonesome October".

I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio


  1. That was sooooo cool! I love Zelazny (the original Chronicles of Amber played a HUGE part in getting me into fantasy and science fiction), and ANILO was a wonderful read. This song is now a permanent fixture on my iPod...can't wait to check out some more

  2. Cool Chris! I'm happy to here that you like it.