Sci-Fi Song #21: Pronbot

For the uninitiated, do the math on this one and switch the "r" and the "o". You'll now what I'm singing about.

Ever since the days of MySpace, Pronbots have infested the world of social media. I still don't know how any of these entities manage to turn a profit but they seem to be propagating on Twitter in massive numbers anyway.

This song is sung from the point of view of a naive web surfer who, despite his better judgement, falls in love with the Pronbot anyway.

And, let us not forget; Pronbots may be annoying but at least they aren't Social Media Gurus.

I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio

by John Anealio

I fire up my new laptop
and read the mail in my inbox
there's something there I can't believe
so I go and check my Twitter feed

I see I've got a brand new follower
and she seems to be in her bedroom all alone

But she's a Pronbot
but I think I love her
She's a Pronbot
but I think she cares
She's a Pronbot
She's not like the others
She's a Pronbot
but she cares for me

said she's in it for the fun
She wants to meet with me tonight
but something just doesn't feel right

I think that we're moving way to fast
and I think that she doesn't even know my name


At least she's not a social media guru
promising new followers each day


Here are some of the tools that I used to record this track.

  1. G&L ASAT Telecaster Electric Guitar
  2. Washburn Electric Bass Guitar
  3. Rode NT-3 microphone for the vocals
  4. Apple Logic Pro 8 recording software
    1. Logic's included EVB3 plug-in for the organ sound, & the ESP software synthesizer
    2. Logic's included tremolo, compression, EQ, delay, and reverb plug-ins.
    3. The electric guitar parts were recorded through Logic's Guitar Amp Pro plug-in
    4. The drum parts were created using Logic's Ultrabeat drum sampler


  1. Thanks Hegelrat. Glad to hear that you like it!

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