Podcast: SF Signal Style

In lieu of your regularly scheduled Sci-Fi Songs podcast, I'm posting a link to a podcast that I recorded for SF Signal. I'm pleased to announce that I have just become an SF Signal Irregular, which means that in addition to the new songs, remixes, and podcasts that I post here at Sci-Fi Songs, I will occasionally post blogs and podcasts to the SF Signal site.

In my first SF Signal podcast, I review Roswell Six's Terra Incognita:Beyond the Horizon; a book/CD crossover project by author Kevin J. Anderson. I also explore the relationship between Science Fiction and Fantasy literature and the music of progressive rock bands like Rush, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Spock's Beard, and The Flower Kings.

Check it out here.

I hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio

If you have any ideas for the podcast contact me at 27summers@gmail.com or via Facebook or Twitter .

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