Remix: Page 123

Here is a great remix of Page 123 (a song of mine based on the Page 123 meme from a year ago). This remix was created by Kristian Vuljar Docster, a great remix artist who posts his material over at ccMixter.

I've been posting the tracks to my songs at ccMixter since I started Sci-Fi Songs. Interpretations like this point to the power of the Creative Commons. My music has been enriched by the wonderful work of remix artists like Kristian, Teru, Subliminal, and radiotimes. If you'd like to hear more remixes or if you'd like to take a shot at creating a remix yourself, you can download the individual vocal, guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard tracks to some of my songs at my ccMixter page here.

If you are a Mac user, you already have Garage Band on your computer. You can dowload the mp3's from my ccMixter page and import them into separate tracks in Garage Band. You can adjust levels, apply effects and add some of Garage Band's included loops to create completely different versions of the songs. Have fun! If you make something cool, I'll post it here on Sci-Fi Songs. Contact me here at

Hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio

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