Remix: Sarene (inspired by Elantris)

Here's a cool remix of my song "Sarene ". The lyrics of "Sarene " are based on Elantris, a great novel by Brandon Sanderson. This remix was created by Briareus , a remixer who posts his material over at ccMixter .

This remix is quite interesting. Briareus pitch shifted my vocals into oblivion, the melody is completely different than the original. The backing track is moody and very musical.

Check out more of Briareus' music here .

Check out my original version of "Sarene" here .

Hope you enjoy it,
John Anealio


  1. Very nice, your very talented

  2. Thanks B-man. I appreciate the compliment. If you like this remix, make sure you check out more of Briareus' remixes.