Sci-Fi Songs Podcast #5

In this episode:

  • Details of "The God Clown is Near" recording process, use of clarinet, xylophone, analog synths.
  • Cover Songs
  • March Cover Commissions artist at the Cover Me Blog. Vote for your favorite song here.
  • Ideas for new songs based on The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and Battlestar Galactica
  • Thoughts on recording a traditional Irish folk song for March

Music Featured in this episode:

  1. Rachel Rosen (Instrumental version) by John Anealio
  2. Four Prophets by General Fuzz
  3. Mellow Drama by General Fuzz
  4. Warm Steel by General Fuzz
  5. Stepping Out by Apple
  6. Chaise Lounge by Apple (bumper)
  7. Reunion, Apple
  8. Everyone's Here by Apple (bumper)
  9. Daydream, Apple
  10. The God-Clown is Near by John Anealio

If you have any ideas for the podcast contact me at or via Facebook or Twitter .

I hope you enjoy it,

John Anealio

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